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Policy Plan

Public Works Operational Activities: Establishing Infrastructures for a Convenient Living Environment

  1. Expedite the construction of road and bridge infrastructures in the City and build a convenient road network,  actively implement the construction and widening of the City’s roads, reconstruct and restore bridges, cooperate with cen-tral government agencies to work on various major infra-structure projects and fight for fund allocations to con-struct roads and bridges to establish road safety.
  2. Actively promote various major infrastructure projects under the Tainan City Government. to achieve well-rounded development of the City: Execute construction, maintenance and repair works for the City’s public buildings and various public works, and carry out project management to plan, design, review, construct and carry out acceptance inspections for various construction projects and government-led city re-zoning programs, in order to boost the City’s overall infrastructure development.
  3. Continue to work on the flat road program to raise the quality of road service: Actively conduct bridge inspections to ensure user safety; improve the accessible facilities of sidewalks, implement the arcade leveling project and build a good pedestrian environment to satisfy the requirements of both pedestrians and the disadvantaged.
  4. Boost road maintenance and management efficiency, and protect local livelihoods and the economy: Enhance production capacity of asphalt concrete plants and augment the City’s road maintenance efficacy; reinforce road inspections and promptly repair potholes; enhance road pavement rehabilitation quality, implement road excavation coordination and integration mechanisms for various construction projects in order to conserve energy and avoid disturbing citizens; put in place pre-warnings and countermeasures for floods and disasters to actively prevent or minimize disaster damage, keeping the City’s road traffic network safe, convenient and smooth.
  5. Create recreational space for quality life by improving various park facilities: Initiate sustainable and renewable program for the century-old Tainan Park and lay down plans for the implementation of themes, park enhancement and green land development, to give the Park’s appearance and aging facilities a complete overhaul.
  6. Continue to create an energy conserving and sustainable green environment for a low-carbon and green energy Tainan: Implement the “Eco-city Green Building Promotion Project” approved by the Executive Yuan and strictly review all green building items listed in the construction applications received by the City; actively promote the application of the City’s renewable energy in accordance with the “Regulations Governing Solar Installation on the Roofs of Tainan City’s Buildings” and transform Tainan into a low-carbon city.
  7. Strengthen building safety management and construct a premium living environment for citizens: Reinforce public safety inspections and management for buildings, strengthen evaluations on disaster mitigation measures and earthquake resistance of public buildings, and actively organize post-earthquake drills to rehearse team organization and mobilization of grassroots personnel and professional technicians, to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all citizens living in this City.
  8. Continue to enhance the efficiency and quality of public works: Efficiently utilize the construction audit mechanism to reinforce the efficiency of Tainan City Government agencies in the implementation of the three-level quality management system for public works, to elevate the quality of construction works and materials; set up each phase’s quality management procedure in conjunction with the extension of the quality management mechanism to the construction project’s full life cycle.