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Waterview Park

Tainan was the earliest development of Taiwan and the development of Taiwan originated from Anping. At the mention of the name, Anping, people are always reminded of that popular Taiwanese song, “Romance of Anping.” The lyrics portray the bustling views of vessels frequently accessing the port. Anping Port was once an important international port that not only brought economic prosperity to Tainan but also became place for many memorable stories. The port and water front of Anping underwent changes and gradually evolved into a “Theater of Port Memories.”

Outlining the historic culture of Anping and driving the development of commercial district
To acquaint people with the development history of Taiwan more, understand the rich and unique historic cultural assets left by ancenstors to Anping, thrive local development, and to expand opportunities for domestic tourism, Tainan City Government has specifically developed the “Anping Port Histori Culture Park Project.” The project centers in Anping area and develops four developments combining historic preservation, natural conservation, community development, and regional economies, thereby to provide a comprehensive recreational site that combines historic culture and hydrophilic space.

In particular, The “Waterview Park” is a key element in the building of “Anping Historic Culture Park.” Taiwan Public Works Bureau strongly promotes the “Historic Waterview Park-Port Opening Project” by expropriating large area of lands by sections and excavated 1.76 meters in depth at the lake bottom during low tide for the passage in old Combined Service Force Ordnance Factory No. 304 according to the ancient map and existing water relics. A floating dock is added to open between Waterview Park and existing Anping inshore area, while sea water is introduced for a smooth water area. Tourists can take the boat from Eternal Golden Castle and sail through waterways, park at Dongxin Store and visit Anping, restoring the scenes of Koxinga successfully landed in the 17th century and reproducing the glamor of “Reappearance of Castle.”

Meanwhile in cooperation with hydrophilic coastlines and water view ecology construction, the park waters peripheral are guarded by planting Taiwan endemic plants resistant to ocean. The reproduction of natural ecology draws flocks of little egret and water birds habiting and flying, forming an interesting contrast with the neighboring temples, castles and forts. The view outlines a co-existence of harmony between cultural history and natural ecology, forming the development pattern of historic settlement in the east and the central waters of emerging area in the west.

Subsequently, the incorporation of establishment of water front hydrophilic area gradually outlines the historic culture of Anping, which opens up the exchange epoch of interpersonal relation, information, and culture via oceans, turning Anping into Taiwan’s first hydrophilic and culture life museum. The landscape and context of Anping are greatly enriched and Anping is no longer a cultural historic site but further develops into a place with in-depth cultural education and recreational landscape. It is now a diverse traveling spot and popular among Tainan citizens and tourists. The large number of tourists revitalizes the business opportunities in peripheral commercial district.

Awarded with “Global Excellence Building Award”, building an international scenic area
Notwithstanding that “Anping Port Historic Culture Park – Waterview Park-Port Opening Project” has been awarded with the Gold Quality Award from “2012 National Excellence Building Award” recognized by FIABCI to run for the Global Excellence Building Award,” known as the Oscar Academy Award of Real Estate,” and outperformed in the world competition in environment (restoration and conservation) category with silver prize and international recognition.

The base was previously the Taijian inshore waters and is located in the west wing of Anping Castle, south wing of Yenshui River and north wing of ocean fishing port. There are many historic sites to the east wing of the base, including, Class I Historic Site Anping Castles, relics of Anping Castle, Class III Historic Julius Mannich & CO, Haishan Hall, Anping Fort, Miaoshou Temple, Anping Tree House and other rich historic cultural resources. Tainan City Government connects the world with locality and takes action in building international scenic area, which opens the historic memories of “First Tainan, second Lugang, third Bangka.”

To enhance the tourism in Anping District, Tainan City Major Tiancai Xu has commissioned Naitonal Cheng Kung University Department of Architecture Professor Ming-Heng Wang to design the Waterview Park and introduce sea water to Anping Port so that tourism can visit Anping via waterways from Eternal Golden Castle. The vessels park by Julius Mannich & CO to restore the scenes of Koxinga successfully landed in the 17th century and reproducing the glamor of “Reappearance of Castle.” Tainan City Government suggests that this project can improve the water tourism industry development, speed up private-sector development and even enhance the international tourism position for Tainan City.

Connecting continental and water front activities to open brand-new vision
In cooperation with the completion of Wateview Park, Taiwan Public Works Bureau has built a waterview bridge with 15 meters in width over the water area, bridge length reaching 83 meters and the highest point on bridge can reach 10 meters. Appreciate the park lake views by taking a stroll on the bridge. At night the colored glass railing combines with light to play an important role that connects the inland Anping old town and water front activates.

Tourists can appreciate the beautiful landscape of Anping Port from the landscape bridge above and will discover green public bathroom” with a “fish” shape and special design. The bathroom takes consideration of creativity and eco-friendliness, which not only offers convenience for public but also allows tourists to overlook the infinite beautiful sceneries from the green rooftop.

The peripheral of Historic Culture Park in Anping preserves spacious green space and many tall old trees. The ground is planted with vegetation while tourists can sit, lie down, play, run, and play kites in a natural environment and on the green grassland with leisure, carefree and joyful atmosphere.

In particular, the sunset views from water front are quite breathtaking. The completion of Waterview Park –Port Opening Project will restore the historic waters and trace back to the look of ancient times. The interwoven space and time in old passage alley and ancient canal water front patterns is a fusion between ancient times and civilization that broadens people with new horizon.