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FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards 2016 —Dinghu Park, West Central District

Introduction and design concept:

Located in the downtown area of West Central District in Tainan City, near the east side of Humei 1st Street at the north side of Sihu Street and surrounded by residential areas, Ding Mei Duan Gong Er C5 of Sihu Village established Dinghu Park in order to improve the living quality and the landscape of this area.

Humei Community in West Central District has been recognized in recent years as an emerging luxury residence. Dinghu Park in Sihu Village was once overgrowth but through the concerted efforts of the local citizens and the government, a budget of approximately NTD$ 63.4 million was created for establishing the park in 2013. The design of the park was completed in August 2014 through mediation with the citizens. Construction began in November 2014. Dinghu Park was open to the public on May 3, 2015 after construction was completed in March 2015. The long anticipated idea of a city garden has finally become a reality. The government is welcoming citizens to enjoy this Oriental Swiss Garden.

Dinghu Park, which covers around 0.53 hectares is a prominent park in Sihu Village and is becoming a regular part of residents’ daily life. People are able to enjoy the well-organized leisure walking trails, chairs, multi-layer plant arrangements and landscape lighting. Moreover, the park will help purify the city’s air and water, improve environmental protection and landscape aesthetics, regulate the climate and provide a multi-functional green space for people.

Contributions on Humanity and Environment:

Based on the idea of an Oriental Swiss Garden, Dinghu Park was established by citizens’ spontaneous participation in public space reform. The discussion and reform of the park are the stepping stones for future actual space reform in order to cater to citizen needs by improving the quality of life and citizens’ health and recreation.

Overall results and benefits:

1.Increased open space at approximately 5300 M2, and permeable area including pavement is about 4800 M2.
2.Add to the popularity to the park and improve the quality of people’s recreational life and urban spaces.
3.Construct a nice city for walking aimed at health, energy saving and low carbon emission.
4.Introduce barrier-free spaces and walking trails for citizens.
5.Create an ecological habitat for birds and insects. Citizens can enjoy the diverse green landscaping plants and the sunshine in the park.
6.Establish playground and large-scale play facilities.
7.Install lighting facilities in order to construct a romantic night view for couples or families.
8.Establish Haowangjiao educational square and provide citizens a place for learning.
9.Provide citizens with leisure space and improve their quality of life as outlined by public consensus concerning the public area and community integration in the form of the Oriental Swiss Garden.