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Medium-Range Policy Plan

Tainan City Government Works medium-range policy plan (104 to 107 annual year)

Mission one

Tainan City Government Public Works Department to promote the construction, implementation and coordination unit, Tainan jurisdiction shoulder transit construction plan, the major construction pushing, road infrastructure improvements, landscaping and green parks to strengthen the construction and management of administrative and other tasks, is committed to creating a friendly living environment, open Tainan city transportation hub and major projects to enhance operational performance and create Tainan become have sufficient infrastructure, and full of local characteristics of both modern and low-carbon green energy utilities, convenient Broadwood resiliency city.


Works to respect public opinion, heavy quality and stresses the principle of efficiency, and will create "Tainan convenient" for the vision of self-expectations, uphold the mayor reveals' plan to build a new flagship Tainan Ten "policy ideas, and actively apply and coordination promote the city's public works plan to meet public expectations and actual demand a view to enabling development to improve and enhance the overall quality of municipal life of the people. The government's policy vision spindle drive among Works strategy summarized as follows:


  • First, the jurisdiction of the new building new and renovation of public works, and promote convenient Tainan city.
  • Second, to enhance the effectiveness of public facilities maintenance and management, to create a safe city Tainan.
  • Third, to create a quality environment, shaping the health Broadwood, low-carbon green energy Tainan.
  • Fourth, the sophisticated administrative efficiency, enhance competitiveness and sustainable cities.

Important policy

  • First, the construction of new urban convenience Tainan:
    1. (a) accelerate the implementation of road and bridge construction projects within its jurisdiction, the completion of road Tainan convenient transportation network: Gung continued to handle traffic system construction plan living area for four years (104-107 years) building plan approval of the project land acquisition and open up jobs and continue to fight plans to apply for the new project, and the other with the central unit to handle national and provincial road improvement projects and the implementation of new and ongoing follow-up to the central living area for the implementation plan and the various building new roads and bridges, construction and alterations to funding.
    2. (b) to promote the city's underground railway: the city is pushing Taiwan Block 3 underground railway city, to promote the city's underground railway project, the Council fully assist the Ministry of Transportation Railway Engineering Bureau reconstruction project execution, around the station open public facilities, the construction of integration, coordination and execution issues, the city is responsible for coordinating all the other pipeline units, and the use of existing resources to create the city's economic development around the perimeter to create an effective economic development and enhance industrial competitiveness.
    3. (c) promote the expansion of the city's freeway interchange plan: to actively promote the exchange of Grand Bay Road expansion plans and Rende Interchange improvement plans and other plans, providing additional exchange of Grand Bay Road and Rende Interchange improvement plan, will be able to relieve Yongkang, Rende Interchange taxiway (Provincial Highway 1, the county line 182) of the traffic load, and improve the exchange of Tainan Road exit ramp traffic back to blocking situations. Rende Road improvement plans concerning the exchange is expected to be completed by the end of 107, Grand Bay Road, the exchange will be completed in 104 years in the future will help to build a large road network Tainan, Tainan build large transport hub, and create a good life convenient, led the city economic development.
  • Second, to create a flat road car dealers, pedestrian accessibility city:
    1. (a) To enhance the quality of urban roads Tainan services to public safety and comfort of the driving environment, build dealers Lu Ping, pedestrian accessibility of road construction, and implementation of the new manhole covers resurfacing reduction and pavement Department over the next four years ㄧ main policy objectives of the Council. In addition, public works and government services important measure area and works seamlessly integrate services such as Wisdom, is also the Executive Council of the future performance of the urgent need to strengthen the focus, serve to create a safe Tainan.
    2. (b) apply market (County Road) and District Road (formerly County Road) conservation and facility inventory of roads, including the main roads and highways of affiliated necessary facilities:
      1. The market for 102 years since October 1 Ministry of Transportation Highway Administration to recover custody by the government itself, by the Works Council set up the second and third Works Brigade Battalion market road handling and related ancillary facilities maintenance work, to maintain road safety and comfort with the road.
      2. To improve road facilities include roadbed, road, bridge and gutter drains.
    3. (c) to enhance road emergency repair and rescue efficient way to ensure that people with no fear: for natural disasters, emergency repair damaged public facilities reconstruction and restoration work; and contracts entered into opening the way to handle emergency repairs rescue.
  • Third, the city green line plastic beautiful new city:
    1. (a) the construction of energy-saving and carbon reduction facilities, creating a low-carbon green energy city, and create a healthy new Broadwood Tainan: active promotion of green area, and with the central green afforestation policy, construction of high quality green city. Another aspect of road lighting, replace its sodium lamp energy saving and energy-saving LED lights, the protection of public safety with the road, improving illumination, saving public money and decorative lighting urban landscape, creating a low-carbon green energy and sustainable Tainan.
    2. (b) accelerated environmental green landscaping, improve park facilities, to create high-quality low-carbon life of leisure space: for parkland open plan, strengthen old park renovation to improve parks and renovation of old style park facilities. Another central promote accessibility with social welfare policies, in addition to build a barrier-free environment throughout the park, but also in line with the central policy is fully removed unfriendly car park barrier, and in the future when no longer set to open car park barrier, so reduced mobility more convenient and smooth to the use of the park facilities.
  • Fourth, continuing to strengthen the construction management business:
    1. (a) continue to strengthen the building construction safety management and the establishment of a construction site fence green landscaping system, according to the 103-year May 27th amendment "Tainan building construction control points," the third point provides strict requirements to start The first shall be enclosed with the declaration of an inquest fence green landscaping complete picture, so that in addition to meeting specifications outside the city leaving construction sites throughout the city to add more green landscaping, to making the city gradually transformed into green buildings in the city.
    2. (b) strengthening public safety building inspection: inspection declaration to strengthen public safety building management, and with each competent authority or important festivals such as the implementation of public safety and the ad hoc joint inspection, to prevent the occurrence of irregularities in a view to enabling people to enter place can consume at ease.
    3. (c) continued with the smooth operations of the government to handle the arcade, arcade unimpeded become so popular movement, the public and the city can work together to make a good walk Tainan become livable city.
  • Fifth, actively enhance the quality of the city's public works:
    1. (a) improve the construction checking mechanism, improve the quality of public works: the effective use of construction checking mechanisms to strengthen the implementation of the quality management system of public works agencies Ben Fuge, improve construction quality, and with the project will promote the quality management system extends to the whole project life cycle establishing various stages quality control procedures
    2. (b) the implementation of the system to handle the project supervisor: Council-sponsored project for the implementation of project quality and progress of the supervisory work, and the results according to supervise the establishment of engineering missing aspect provides various engineering units to improve the Council to implement the project three quality control system and lack of prevention works, serve to enhance the quality of the project.


Store, the key strategic objectives and common goals


  • First, the key strategic objectives:
    1. (a) To promote the new building new jurisdiction and renovation of public works, to create a convenient Tainan city for business results :
      1. Gung continued to handle traffic system construction plan living area for four years (104-107 years) construction project plan has been approved, and actively seek additional funding for the project and the subsequent execution plan living area.
      2. For the provision of road Xing, widening and bridge construction, reconstruction projects.
      3. apply countries with Central Road and Highway improvements and new construction execution.
      4. Yongkang artillery school with promoting the relocation and development projects and the major construction and development, the implementation of public works.
      5. The construction of the Asia-Pacific international baseball training center, baseball field facilities and equipment to enhance domestic level, as a domestic at all levels of baseball and the Asia Pacific region each baseball team moved to the training ground.
    2. (b) to enhance the effectiveness of public facilities maintenance and management, to create a safe city for business results Tainan :
      1. The implementation of the road level project plan, providing comfortable, convenient and secure environment dealers:
        1. Yanni road construction new construction methods, new measures to enhance urban roads flatness.
        2. with the Public Works Committee to promote the "road grading scheme" for the new paved road city manhole cover staff reductions and refuges reconstruction, flat road to reach the target capacity of the road.
        3. continue to handle road project in the engineering level, and gradually improve the quality of roads, the establishment of mechanisms for emergency repair potholes, shorten repair time.
      2. The area continued to handle the city's 37 urban road maintenance and supervision and evaluation, improve road quality.
      3. The market for the city and the district conducted a comprehensive review of the Road, inventory planning and facilities, construction of road maintenance and integrity of information management and monitoring system.
      4. Strengthen national, Annan two AC plant capacity, the establishment of the Public Works Battalion, improve the efficiency of road emergency repair and rescue, to ensure that people with no fear of the road.