Zhonghua E. Road
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The design of Houjia Roundabout started from the Japanese Ruling Period in 1941 and originated from the Tainan Urban Planning area and Urban Planning Modification Project. Namely the Zhonghua E. Road and of Tainan City and the Zhonghua Road in Yongkan City while the 7th circular green land has been set on the intersection with Yunong Road. It is later known as the Houjia Roundabout today, which is not only the major road of Taiwan but also gathering place for many snacks.

The Zhonghua E. Road Houjia Roundabout is the major road connecting Rende Exit from the Highway and downtown. The traffic is quite congested on this road section during normal working hours and is heavily used. Due to the high utilization rate, the pavement has aged and the road function has gradually deteriorated.

The scope of project construction aims to improve the start of Zhonghua E. Road Project from the 0k+013 at North Wing Kaixuan intersection southward passing Houjia Roundabout until 0k+510. The total length of improvement is 497 meters in total, the road width is about 22.20 meters (calculated from both sides). The Yunong Road Project improves a total of 145 meters from 0k+000 at West Wing Dongning Intersection eastward passing Houjia Roundabout until 0k+145. The total road width improved is about 20.00 meters (calculated from both sides).

This project intends to enhance road surface smoothness through pavement improvement and underground manhole by re-paving AC road in addition to expanding underground manhole, thereby to enhance public traffic safety and comfort.

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Zhonghua E. Road  
Zhonghua E. Road